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Bright Dental Polyclinic is a dental clinic with the latest in modern technology in dentistry.

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Bright Dental Polyclinic is proud to be one of the few clinics in this area that provides a wide variety of services and treatments for our patients. We have been providing cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics for over ten years now.

Our Services

Bright Dental Polyclinic is a dental clinic with the latest in modern technology in dentistry, offering services such as orthodontics (braces), dental implants, veneers, tooth whitening, and many more. We not only care about your teeth but also take care of your gums and oral hygiene. Book an appointment with one of our dentists today – you’ll be glad you did


Looking for an affordable way to make your smile pop? Veneers are the perfect solution. From simple to natural, we have a solution for you.


We provide a Whitening service that can help you become more beautiful in just one day. Our specialists will ensure that you get the precise treatment and help you achieve the best results.


We provide Orthodontics service with a personal touch and professional quality. Whether you need braces, we’ll ensure your smile is perfect. 

Dental implants

We provide Dental implants to help you achieve that. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots surgically placed into the jawbone.

Hollywood Smile

We provide all of your skin care needs. We want to make you feel confident in your skin. That’s why we offer various services, from laser hair removal to facials.

Our Team

Dr. Haider Khader

Dental Implant Specialist

Dr. Haider Khader Al-Zahawi is a well-known implant dentistry specialist who works exclusively in providing dental services to his patients. He is a passionate, motivated, and experienced dental implant specialist committed to offering his patients the best possible dental care. His specialties are focused on dental implants and implant-supported prosthetics. Dr. Haider Khader Al-Zahawi’s interest and passion for dental care since 2010

Dr. Niran Hassan Suhail

Cosmetics and Dental prosthesis

Looking for the best dentist for your dental prosthesis? Dr.Niran Hassan Suhail Al-Jubouri is a leading Cosmetic Dentist who has worked in the field for more than 20 years. His expertise and experience will ensure that patients get the best treatment. For a perfect smile and sound health, visit Dr. Niran Hassan Suhail Al-Jubouri

Dr. Zaid Muayad Abdul Jalil

Oral and Dental Surgeon

Zubaidy is He is an oral surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and prosthetic dental procedures, such as Hollywood smiles, fillings, prosthodontics and dental implants. He also performs general dental procedures such as dental cleaning, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, and other dental treatments. With a focus on preventative care and improving overall wellness

Dr. Maryam Abdullah

 Oral and Dental Surgery

Meet Dr. Maryam Abdullah Al-Assoli – a qualified Oral and Dental Surgery Specialist. With more than ten years of experience in the field, she provides comprehensive dental health care to patients of all ages. Whether you need an emergency dental service or a general checkup, Dr. Maryam Abdullah Al-Assoli can help you in every situation

Dr. Laith Makki

Orthodontic specialis

Dr. Laith Makki Al-Masari is a well-known orthodontist in the capital Abu Dhabi, with more than ten years of experience. He specializes in diagnosing and treating orthodontic problems. Dr. Laith Makki Al-Masari is known for his commitment to excellence and expertise in his field

Dr. Mustafa Nizar

Orthodontic specialist

Your orthodontic health is a top priority. When it comes to your oral health, you deserve the best care. That’s why Dr. Mustafa Nizar al-Nuaimi offers orthodontic treatment for a wide range of dental issues, emphasizing aesthetics and comfort. Dr. Mustafa Nizar al-Nuaimi is a leading orthodontic specialist in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Mustafa specializes in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry and is one of the region’s most respected dentists

Dr. Tammam Alhaji Ali

Restorative Dentistry

Your teeth are like diamonds, but the years have tarnished them. Fine lines, discoloration, and wear have left your mouth looking anything but glamorous. It’s time to restore your smile to its original brilliance with Dr. Alhaji Ali’s restorative dentistry services. Dr. Tammam Alhaji Ali is a quality, affordable, accessible restorative dentist. Dentist Dr. Tammam Alhaji Ali will make your teeth clean, nice, and white again in one visit, keeping you smiling for the rest of your life

Did you know?

Bright Dental Polyclinic is the dentistry of your dreams, giving you the Hollywood smile of your dreams. Whether you need veneers or dental implants, we’re confident we can provide for all your dental needs.
Our staff provides a clean, professional environment and highly trained and experienced professionals to offer the best care. If you’re in the market for veneers, whitening, orthodontics, dental implants, or even a Hollywood smile, then contact us today and let us take care of your teeth and smile. We are a full-service dental practice with everything you need for beautiful, healthy teeth.


I have been going to Bright Dental Polyclinic for over ten years. Dr. Tammam has been my dentist, and I find him completely trustworthy and reliable. He always takes the time to answer all my questions, and I never feel rushed when I go in for an appointment. The dental staff is also highly competent and friendly, making the whole experience more fruitful.


I'm writing a review about Bright Dental Polyclinic because I'm so happy with my service. The staff was nice before and after the procedures and made you feel welcome. They are very professional and put me at ease with all the dental work they did for me. I can confidently recommend Bright Dental Polyclinic to anyone.


Bright Dental Polyclinic is a great dental clinic. I've been going there for a year, and they've always had the best prices. And when I needed something more comprehensive, they never tried to push me into anything expensive like other places do. They always ensured I was getting the best option for my needs.


I always receive great service at Bright Dental Polyclinic. The staff is always very friendly and professional, and the office space is surprisingly accommodating for its size. I am beyond satisfied with my latest dental experience there and plan to continue going back to it!


I have been to Bright Dental Polyclinic numerous times, and I have had a great experience with them. You rarely find anything as honest and helpful as the reviews from people there. I can't say enough about Bright Dental Polyclinic!


I got my teeth whitened at Bright Dental Polyclinic, and it was a great experience. The doctors were very knowledgeable, the office was clean and modern, and the prices were unbeatable! I'll be going back for routine dental services.


I had a dental problem, and I was able to find the help I needed at this Polyclinic. All their dentists are highly trained, and their staff is knowledgeable and easy to talk with. The facility was clean, modern, and comfortable. I would recommend this clinic to all my friends.


Before & After

We can see that the Bright Dental Polyclinic has done a good job in improving patients’ smiles. Our before and after photos showcase our work on patients, which includes teeth whitening, teeth repair, and more. We will be able to see the before and after photos of the patients and their stories, which are a great encouragement for those who want to know more about this clinic.


Working hour

The working hour of Bright Dental Polyclinic are as follows:

· Friday 2pm-9pm

· Saturday -off

· Sunday -Thursday -10 am-9 pm

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